About us

MENA Apps was founded in 2011 by a group of leaders and top professionals from the Telecom, Applications, Media and Banking Industry who share the vision with regards to the need to open the door for young entrepreneurs from the MENA regions to apply their innovation and creativity and offer this innovation to consumers in the MENA region and around the World.

MENA Apps is taking the lead on all fronts to develop and grow a socially conscious business model that facilitates and supports entrepreneurship among Arab youth while securing profitable returns on investment. MENA Apps’ mission is bridge the talent and potential of the MENA region’s youth with all the resources, administrative and logistical support, and the funding needed to become successful E-entrepreneurs within the regional and global technology spheres. We focus on entrepreneurs from the Arab World who have viable ideas in the areas of content, cloud computing, e- & m-payment and new media.

MENA Apps will provide such qualified and selected entrepreneurs with an incubator-like logistic support including offices, administrative, legal, accounting, marketing, business development and networking services as well as coaching for start-ups and innovative ideas. Initial investments are provided through the MENA Apps Seed Fund to innovative ideas and projects while additional investment can be provided through the MENA Apps’ global network of angel investors who are looking to penetrate and grow the MENA technology space.

The vision of MENA Apps is to provide entrepreneurs an environment where they have continuous access to professional experience and networks have proven it success. MENA Apps not only supports the entrepreneur with internal support like finance, logistics, marketing, branding and business support. The success of early growth companies is to get traction in the market and therefore the extensive network of the founders and management of MENA Apps opens doors for the start-ups at the major companies and institution in the region,

Additionally, we believe that entrepreneurs need to have a regional and international network to succeed. MENA Apps is therefore expanding its network with other eco-systems and player in the region and internationally. We believe that entrepreneurs require continuous contacts with peers, mentors and investors elsewhere.Dia1

For this reason, namely regional outreach, MENA Apps decided to establish ARABRENEUR, a not for profit Arab Entrepreneurship initiative aimed at contributing to the development and growth of a socially conscious economy and civil society in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and seeks to emerge as the first full-scale regional enabler to:

  • Promote and enable entrepreneurship from an early stage,
  • Provide necessary support and mentorship for youth-run start-ups throughout the region.
  • Partner with existing entities such as local incubators.
  • Establish incubators where they are not present.
  • Build regional (virtual) Network of entrepreneurs.
  • Regional Acceleration of successful companies.
  • Organize and facilitate regional/international training & workshops.
  • Build a regional/international angel & mentor network.
  • Facilitate the establishment of regional Seed & VC Fund.