Canadian Ambassador visits MENA Apps and its entrepreneurs

September 27th, 2012

Amman, Jordan – Canadian Ambassador, his Excellency Mark Gwozdecky visited MENA Apps offices to meet its management and the entrepreneurs to brainstorm on opportunities of cooperation between the private and public sectors regarding entrepreneurship development in the MENA region.

MENA Apps, a leading angelCAVM_GAS investment company based in Jordan, develops and grows a socially conscious business model that facilitates and supports E-entrepreneurship among Arab youth while securing profitable returns on investment.

It bridges the talent and potential of the MENA region’s youth with all the resources, administrative and logistical support, and the funding needed to become successful E-entrepreneurs within the regional and global technology spheres.
The visit started with a meeting between his excellency Mark Gwozdecky and MENA Apps founder and chairman dr. Abdul Malek Al-Jaber, whereafter the embassador met with some of the entrepreneurs, who presented their company, vision and experiences.  HE toured MENA Apps premises and met with the start-ups’ founders and CEO’s, who presented their companies to HE and shared their future plans. The entrepreneurs addressed some questions to his Excellency, who in turn showed interest CAVM_PFin the experience of each one of them.

The Ambassador expressed his happiness to see such innovation in Jordan and to have the opportunity to meet with Founders and CEO’s of Jordan Start Ups. He added, “I was impressed from the energy, motivation, innovation and skills that I saw during my visit”.  He indicated his readiness to support these start ups and advocate for them with in the Diplomatic Corps Community and with the relevant Canadian Organizations.

Dr. Abdul Malik Al-Jaber, Founder and Chairman of MENA Apps indicated that the visit of HE Mr. Gwozdecky was very important for several reasons; “firstly I’m a Jordanian/Canadian who is committed to building bridges between Canada and MENA at large and Jordan in Particular, the fact that Canada is a leading country when it comes to innovation and supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs and the fact that I know that HE is keen in strengthening the bridges with Jordan and he has a soft spot for entrepreneurship and believes in the strategic importance of job creation.”

The visit was concluded with a brainstorm session on how the Canadian government in specific and the international community in general can support the growth of entrepreneurship in the MENA region especially in light of the developments after the Arab spring.

HE offered his support and help to make the links between MENA Apps and start ups to the relevant Canadian institutions and support cooperation and partnership between the two sides.