Middle East Payment Services

As credit card use in the Middle East develops in line with global trends, the region’s banks must ensure that the plastic in their customers’ wallets fulfils the same promise as the bills and coins alongside it. Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) delivers card payment and ATM management services to ensure the region’s banks can guarantee exactly that.

The result of an initiative by seven of the region’s leading financial institutions. MEPS appreciates the critical importance of the relationship between a bank and its customers. MEPS has earned the endorsement of major card companies worldwide with the complete range of services that underpin this understanding.

MEPS facilitates all credit and debit card transactions on behalf of a financial institutions, including third-party processing, ATM management and merchant acquiring, as well as a range of point-of-sale services – all of which significantly enhances a bank’s payment card services while offering unparalleled security for the Middle Eastern consumer.

MEPS is headed by some of the region’s most experienced professionals in the delivery of cards, m-payments and e-payments services.